Irish Oats Giveaway

Happy Friday!

Today I’m back with another giveaway. It’s *almost* as good as a trip to Ireland.

Okay, no. A trip to Ireland is pretty high on the scale of goodness, but this will at least taste like Ireland and that’s one of the ways I satisfy my longing for travel. My husband rolls his eyes at the cost of a plane ticket and I serve the family food from all around the world until he starts crying and begs for a cheeseburger. It’s a good thing he’s cute, or I’d totally kick him to the curb.

Also, I take photos of him in his man cave wearing dorky 3D glasses and playing Call of Duty. Which, by the way, I can sometimes kick his butt in. Like, once. I think. Maybe that was a dream?

Anyway, let’s talk about oats! They’re good for baking. They’re good for eating. They’re good for making a homemade dry shampoo for your hair. They’re even good for your complexion.

Want some? How about a gift pack from the Irish Food Board? In your prize pack, you’ll receive 2 tins (28 ounces each) of McCann’s Steel Cut Oatmeal, 2 tins (28 ounces each) of Flahavan’s Irish Steel Cut Oatmeal, and 1 bag (35 ounces)ofย  Kilbeggan Irish Porridge. (Am I the only one who thought porridge was a make-believe food served only in The Three Little Bears?)

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