Silpat giveaway!

Happy Black Friday!

Anyone finding any good deals out there today? I, for one, have done some serious damage to my bank account. I love Black Friday but I do all of my shopping from my couch, wearing ratty PJs, with unwashed hair, and a big bowl full of leftover sausage dressing for breakfast. That’s not weird at all, you guys.

I thought I’d better take a break from all of the shopping to bring you guys a fun giveaway.

Who out there has used a Silpat before? I love mine! You just pop it right on your baking sheet and nothing sticks. Noooooooothing. I use it for cookies all the time. I also use it when I’m roasting vegetables. The mat also helps even out the heat, so everything bakes perfectly.

Most of you have probably used or heard of the Silpat before, but what about the Silpain AND Roul’Pat?

The Silpain is for baking all types of dough. It’s perforated which makes deliciously crusty bread. It’s perfect for making pizza! Try it for biscuits, too! Imagine these crusty pretzel rolls baked on the Silpain! Yum!

And the Roul’Pat? It’s my dream come true. I absolutely hate rolling out dough, because the process of throwing flour all over my counter tops just seems so wrong. I know who is going to have to clean up and making a mess on purpose goes against my very nature. You can roll your dough, craft projects, or fondant right out on the Roul’Pat with no sticking! So easy! Perfect for rolling out these s’mores poptarts, too!

Clean up on these guys is a breeze. Just rinse them and wipe them down with hot, soapy water. I know some people toss them in the dishwasher with good results, though that’s not recommend by Silpat. I’ve tossed mine in on top of the glasses a few times with no problems, though.

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Silpat. I received the same set of Silpat items that I’m giving away. All opinions in this post are my own.