Sausage, Egg, and Cheese English Muffin Panini


Look, you guys. I know it’s not cool to eat at fast food restaurants, but sometimes I do it anyway.

I know. I’m gross and disgusting and you hate me.

I have the cheese touch. (If you don’t have children, you don’t know what I’m talking about. Even if you do have children, you probably don’t know what I’m talking about. This is okay. I’m used to that happening.)

I thought I’d take one of my beloved breakfast sandwiches (Sausage McMuffin with cheese, hold the creepy, rubbery egg, please) and fancy it up a bit.

I snagged some English Muffin bread from the bakery at my local grocery store. I’m not sure how widely available this is, but you can always go with sourdough bread if you don’t see the English Muffin variety or even try using an actual English Muffin! Then I fried up some sausage patties and a a few eggs. Popped it all into my panini maker with some white cheddar and had a super fancy food blog worthy breakfast that did not come from a drive through.

Sausage, Egg, and Cheese English Muffin Panini


4 slices English Muffin bread (or sourdough)
1/2 pound country sausage, made into 2 large, thin patties
2 eggs
4 slices white cheddar cheese
butter, for buttering the bread


Preheat the panini maker (or just grill this like you would a grilled cheese sandwich) to hot/sear, depending on your machine.
Cook the sauce over medium heat until cooked through.
Fry the eggs over medium heat until cooked through.
Butter one side of each slice of bread. Place two slices of bread, butter side down, on the panini maker and top each slice with cheddar, sausage, egg, and another slice of cheddar. Place the remaining bread slices, butter side up, on each sandwich.
Close the panini maker and cook until the outsides are crispy and the cheese is melted.