Take 5 Brownie Trifle

How many times a day are you legally allowed to eat ice cream?

Because I went to two separate ice cream shops yesterday and indulged at both. I don’t even like ice cream, you guys.

I didn’t let that stop me from eating a scoop of Toffee Coffee and then, later in the day, a chocolate crunch cone.

What are those little crunchy things made out of anyway? Fairy dust and unicorn poop? It’s just so delightful.

I figure that even if it is illegal to eat ice cream twice in one day, nobody would actually convict me. You guys probably haven’t noticed or anything, but it’s just a leeeeeetle warm outside lately. You know, just like 100 degrees or so. No big deal.

So, after all of the ice cream eating, I totally turned on my oven and made brownies. Duh. Then I got sick of eating them plain and I chopped them up and turned them into trifles. Take 5 Trifles, to be exact.

You’ve had Take 5 candy bars, right? They’re fantastic. Chocolate, peanut butter, pretzels, caramel, and peanuts. Heck to the yeah.

Take 5 Brownie Trifle

I'm leaving the amounts up to you. I like lots of crunchy pretzels and a healthy dose of chocolate syrup on my trifle, but you can change it up however you like!


1 recipe Peanut Butter Brownies
whipped cream
handful of pretzel pieces
chocolate syrup
caramel ice cream topping


Chop the brownies into bite sized pieces and place a single layer in the bottom of your serving dish (cocktail glass or mason jar for individual servings or a trifle bowl if you're serving a crowd).
Top with layer of whipped cream.
Sprinkle on the pretzels and peanuts.
Drizzle with the chocolate syrup and caramel ice cream topping.
Repeat the layers.