lofthouse sugar cookies recipe

Lofthouse Sugar Cookie Bars

Pin It I have this bloggy friend and she is totally adorable. And funny. OMG, she is funny. We’ve sorta been reading each other’s...

dulce de leche and brownies

Dulce de Leche Brownies

I’m home from my cruise to the Bahamas. Whew. I am stuffed, y’all. My days consisted of waking up, eating breakfast, laying back down...

onion strings recipe

Onion Strings

One last recipe from the archives (this one is from way back in September 2009) while I’m off on vacation. I’ll be heading home...

IHOP – Sponsored Post and Giveaway

IHOP – Sponsored Post and Giveaway

Our mornings usually start out pretty lazily. Well, lazy for the kids and me. The husband wakes up bright and early at 5am and is...

Go a Little Crazy for Chocolatey Treats — Hostess Giveaway

Go a Little Crazy for Chocolatey Treats — Hostess Giveaway

Would you like to know what can shoot me straight back to 6thgrade in a hurry? Hostess® HoHos®. Those were my lunch of choice...

Raspberry Coffee Cake

Raspberry Coffee Cake

This recipe was originally published in December 2009, but I’m digging it up from the archives while I’m out floating around in the middle...


Snack Bars

While I’m on vacation, soaking up the Bahamian sun, sipping fruity umbrella drinks, and just generally lying around, I thought I’d dig up some...

hot fudge and peanut butter banana bread

Banana Bread, Cookies, and Cake

Happy National Banana Bread Day! Yes. That’s a real thing. And it just so happens to be today. I have a batch of my...

Olive Garden – Sponsored Post

Olive Garden – Sponsored Post

Planning a time to get together with my girlfriends is always difficult. If one of us is available only on Tuesdays, someone else is...

barilla whole grain pasta

Barilla Whole Grain Pasta

A quick and simple lunch. Serves one mama and two hungry kiddos.