Long Boy Burgers

You know how I’m a girl? Like, with painted toes and dangly earrings?

Well, I totally eat like a boy. No dainty cucumber sandwiches and tea for me. (Blech.) (Also, I very rarely remember to wear my dangly earrings.)

I’ll take meatloaf. Especially when it’s spread on a slice of bread and topped with a yummy ketchup mixture.

These are a cross between meatloaf and cheeseburgers, which, let’s be honest, is kind of an awesome idea.

The original recipe for these called for crushed cornflakes, but ew. That just sounds wrong. I used oats.

I loved these burgers. My husband and son are really weird about bread and don’t like it at all crunchy, so they weren’t as big of fans as I was. The bread didn’t burn, but it did get brown and crunchy on the outside. They spent the meal picking off the brown pieces and giving me the evil eye.

Ah, well. More for me!

adapted from Cook’s Country