Four Cheese Spinach Manicotti

I love pasta. It’s so carby and delicious. One of my absolute favorites is manicotti. Manicotti are  just big empty pasta tubes that you fill up with good stuff. Imagine the possibilities! I can think of a hundred delicious things to stuff inside of pasta!

This time around I went with four cheeses, because cheese is my friend. I also added some spinach, because it’s still January and therefore I’m pretending to be healthy. If you wait to make this until February, feel free to leave the spinach out. I won’t judge you.

Honestly, though, spinach is kinda good. My kids even eat it! Especially when it’s covered in cheese and hidden inside of pasta.

I used a homemade marinara here, but feel free to use jarred sauce if you’re feeling lazy, just be sure to use a good one. The spinach and cheese is creamy and mild flavored, so you’ll want a good burst of flavor in your sauce.